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Custom-Fitting Information Questionnaire

Name :                Age (years):     Female  Male
                        First/Given Name                   Last/Family Name

Email  :          Club/Group:  

Country :       City:     State/Prov:  

How many years have you played tennis?   

How often do you play?    (times per month)

Level of Play (NTRP Rating Scale, check one)
1.0   New to Tennis 4.5   Controls depth, tactics
1.5   Beginner, just contacting ball 5.0   Power, controls spins, position
2.0   Occasional Rallies 5.5   Regional/Local Tournaments
2.5   Can sustain slow rally 6.0   Sectional/National Ranking
3.0   Rallies but lacking control 6.5   Pro Satellite Level
3.5   Keeps ball in play, no depth 7.0   Top 200 Pro Ranking
4.0   Dependable Strokes >7.0   can beat Rafael Nadal



You are:  RIGHT Handed   LEFT Handed

You hit your FOREHAND with:  1 Hand   2 Handed

Forehand Style (check all that apply): Power   Pusher   Smooth   Topspin   Slice

Forehand Grip:   Eastern   Continental   Semi-Western   Western   Don't Know



You hit your BACKHAND with:  1 Hand   2 Handed

Backhand Style (check all that apply): Power   Pusher   Smooth   Topspin   Slice



Best Described As (check one):  Never Volley   Poor   Average   Very Good   World Class



Best Described As (check one):  Amateur   Average   Good   Big   Pro







Racquet Make:       Model :    

Racquet Headsize:   Mid   MidPlus   Oversize   SuperOversize   Don't Know        in2

Is It A Longbody?   Yes   No    Don't Know             Racquet Length:              inches

                                                     L1         L2       L3        L4         L5         L6 

Handle Size:   3 7/8   4 0/8   1/8   1/4  3/8   1/2   5/8   3/4   Other:

Do you use an Overwrap?  Yes   No

Is sweating a problem/Does your grip slip?  Yes   No

Have you ever had your racquet Customized (not including stringing)?  Yes   No

String you use:    Tension:     ( Lbs   Kilos)

How often do you break strings?   Never   Rarely   Average   Often   Constantly

Do you use a Vibration Dampener?  Yes   No

Current Racquet POWER Level?   Too Little   Just Right   Too Powerful   Don't Know

Current Racquet CONTROL Level?   Too Little   Just Right   More Than Enough   Don't Know

Please include any comments about your racquet, and/or other racquets you have tried:


INJURY History

Have you had any wrist/elbow/shoulder problems related to tennis?:  Yes   No

Please detail any injury problems below, including injured area, length and severity of symptoms, any racquet or technique changes, when and how it occurs, treatment(s) and remedies tried and their success, etc.:


Tell Us More

Please describe anything about yourself or your game that you believe will help us to fit you properly.  Do you play mostly singles or doubles?  Do you play tournaments, and if so, do you have any rankings?  Do you participate in a Tennis League?  Are you a teaching professional?  The more information we have, the better we are able to recommend a racquet setup:



Once you have filled in the information above, submit your questionnaire by clicking on the button below.




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