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Do you adjust your game to suit your racquet?

If so, you’re not alone. Research done by Bosworth Tennis, shows that players of all skill levels make significant changes to their swing patterns, shot selection and racquet speed based on varying racquet choices. Many players change away from their natural playing style when using a racquet that isn’t right for their game.

Now, for the first time, you can adjust your racquet to suit your game.

Most racquet companies offer racquets in only one weight, one grip shape and only five different grip sizes. Not us. At Bosworth Tennis, we feel that in order to customize properly, we need to offer more. Our Bosworth Tennis racquets can be made in hundreds of different sizes, shapes and weights.

But we don’t make arbitrary suggestions. Our years of research in working with hundreds of players gives us a basis that helps us guide you to an optimal racquet set-up. Our goal, from world-class champions to club players, is to help make you a better tennis player – one racquet at a time.

How it works.

Through our years of testing and customizing racquets for top touring professionals, teaching pro’s and amateur players, we’ve developed a series of questions that gives us unique, basic insight into your characteristics and playing style. We’ve compiled that knowledge into our player questionnaire.

Initial data from your responses then helps us establish a benchmark to begin our racquet fitting process using the Bosworth Tennis 10-Point Performance Fitting System which includes specific customization within:

  1. Racquet Length
  2. Overall Weight
  3. Racquet Size
  4. Swing Weight
  5. Balance Point
  1. Grip Shape
  2. Grip Size
  3. Grip Surface
  4. String Choice
  5. String Tension

All of your racquet specifications are based on our unique fitting system and are then recorded and stored for easy reference and reordering.

Bosworth custom tennis racquets are crafted with more than 67, meticulous, hand-finished steps, all here in the USA, before we send them to you. Just like the world’s top professionals.

Once you’ve received your first Bosworth custom tennis racquet, you’ll feel the benefits of a racquet made just for you. That’s not the end though. We work with you to make sure that it remains the best racquet for you. As your game improves, we continually acquire data and send you feedback and questions, and make adjustments to your set-up to insure your best performance and satisfaction.

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